Enchantment is here YAAAAY

This is the post excerpt.

Hanging out at Enchantment
Hanging out at Enchantment!
Snapshot _ The Yellow Brick Road! Enchantmentsl.com Aug. 13th-3
Evanora Witch of the East

Enchantment Officially opened on Saturday August 13th 2016 and there are soooo many Gorgeous Goodies there I just have to show ^_^


*K* kitty korner masters Pet and wings tattoo

Hello I am pleased to present to you 2 items from My Dear Friend kittylld from her store kitty korner.

masters Pet Booty Shorts and Wings Back tattoo

masters Pet comes in 7 colors and is a Fatpack for 100 linden
(Colors are Black,Blue,Green,Pink,Red,White and Purple)
this comes with normal pants for classic avatars
comes with omega
and Maitreya
Wings are 99 linden each color or all wings colors Fatpack is 700 Linden
(Colors are Black,Dark Red,Purple,Blue,Blue-Black,Pink,White,Rainbow and White-Black)
this comes with normal tattoo layer for classic avatars
comes with omega
and Maitreya







I am wearing

Body:Belleza-Freya Mesh Body (Belleza)

Head:catwa-Gwen Mesh Head (Catwa)

Boots:NSP & [MUSE]-Boogie Nights Thigh Boots (Genre)

Hair:TRUTH-VIP Group gift-Sugar (TRUTH)

Ears:^^Swallow^^ Ears Elf (Shiny Shabby)

Skin:7 deadly s{K}ins-Davina-Pineapple (7 deadly s{k}ins)

*Dafnis Catherin

I have always marched to my own drum and had my own style and been just a little bit different than the rest as in this picture…

This Super Sexy set is soo cute and can be Made Kawaii Cute or Gothic Dark.Perfect for any time you wanna feel just a little smexy.

The Catherin Set comes with

Mini Skirt-Lara,Freya,Venus,Isis,Slink Physique,Slink Hourglass,Mesh XXS-L

Cami-Maitreya,TMP,Slink Physique,Slink Hourglass,Venus,Freya,Isis,Tonic Curvy,Tonic Fine

Jacket-Freya,Venus.Isis,Maitreya,TMP,Slink Physique,Slink Hourglass,Tonic Curvy,Tonic Fine,Mesh XXS-L

Huds for jacket and skirt in 14 textures

Hud for cami in Black & White with Lace,Fishnet,Solid






I am wearing:

Body:Belleza-Freya mesh Body (Belleza)

Head:Catwa-Gwen Mesh Head (Catwa)

Outfit Dafnis:Catherin Jacket,Cami and Skirt (*Dafnis)

Boots:NSP & [MUSE]-Disco Ball Thigh boots (Genre)

Makeup:Catwaholic Lipstick 06 (!IT!)
Catwaholic Eyeshadow 03

Hair:Truth VIP Group Gift-Sugar (Truth)

Teeth:E.V.E Nibbling Nibblers Vampire (Shiny Shabby)

Belleza Rila Catwa Head Applier (Belleza)

Ears:Swallow-Elf Ears (Shiny Shabby)


[MUSE] Boogie Nights @ Genre Nov 2016

This Super Sexy set is featured at the new round of Genre and comes in different colors to choose from

The One I am wearing is the [MUSE] group gift at their store.

This set includes:
Dress-Ebody,Maitreya,Slink Hourglass,Slink Physique,Mesh Small/Large
Thigh High Boots-Belleza,SLink,Maitreya,Fitmesh
Shape and Alpha
Texture hud for Dress boots with 3 colors
Hair includes:
Breasts & Standard
Pom Poms
Hair Texture hud with 48 hair colors
Texture Hud for Pom Poms with 8 colors


I am wearing:

Body:Belleza-Freya (Belleza)

Head:Catwa-Gwen Mesh Head (Catwa)

Outfit/Boots/Hair/PomPoms:[MUSE]Boogie Nights-Disco Ball (MUSE)

Skin:Lumae-Sabine-T4-Fawn (Lumae)

Makeup:!IT! Catwaholic Eye Makeup/Lips (!IT!)

Eyes:.ARISE. Dor Eyes-Blues (Arise)

ND/MD Cuties Fur Coat

What could be more fun than building a snowman in the freshly fallen snow?NOTHING!Little Sasha is Having a Ball!If only she has someone to help her…..

This Super Sweet Fur Coat from ND/MD is just amazingly versatile.It comes with a Color Change hud with 4 colors and you can change the Coat,Collar,Skirt and Buttons.The colors are Pink,Blue,Green and Beige






I am wearing:

Body:ND/MD Cuties Sasha (ND/MD)

Coat:ND/MD Cuties Fur Coat (ND/MD)

Hair:{Posh Pixels}-Kendall (Posh Pixels)

Boots:ND/MD Cuties Skull Ankle Boots (ND/MD)

Leggins/Cuffs:ND/MD Cuties Knit Leggins-Gold (ND/MD)

Scarf:ND/MD Cuties Scarf Beige XS (1 yr.)(ND/MD)

Here Comes the Candy Witch Beware Hansel & Gretel (Enchantment Nov 12th 2016)

This Gorgeously Sexy Witch dress is by Kaithleen and is called With Long Dress.It comes in 10 colors and is Available at The New November Round of Enchantment of which the theme is Hansel & Gretel.

Each Color Set includes:
Slink Hourglass
Slink Physique

The Earrings are by .: Soul:. Simply Delicious looking Cookies with a Color Change hud with textures to change (Metals,Candy and Cookie)

The Hat is by Snow Paws and has a delicious looking peppermint candy on it and can be worn with hair or without.

The Hair is by {Posh Pixels} named Anhela and comes with Rigged and Nonrigged it is a Long sideswept curly hair and is available with many texture change huds Darks,Gingers and Lights.for sale at the {Posh Pixels} Main store.







I am wearing:

Body: Maitreya Lara Mesh Body (Maitreya)

Head: Lelutka Lotte Mesh Head (Lelutka)

Dress:Kaithleen’s-Witch Long Dress-Black (Enchantment)

Hair:{Posh Pixels}-Anhela (Posh Pixels)

Skin:Lumae::Eirtae-T4-Fawn//Cheri (Lumae)

Earrings: .:Soul:.- Candy Witch Earrings (Enchantment)

Hat: Snow Paws-Candy Witch Hat (Enchantment)


ND/MD Cuties Baby Winter Clothes

Isnt is funs to dress up all warm and cozy and plays in the Snow!


This Super Cute Set is by ND/MD for their Cuties/Baby avatars

ND/MD Cuties (ND/MD)
Knit Cuffs Blue
Knit Leggins-Blue
Denim Tank top
Denim Mini Skirt-Blue
Denim Mini Ruffles-Blue
Denim Underpants-Blue
norwegan Sweater-Purple
Skull Ankle Boots

The Sweet Hair is called Anastasia by {Posh Pixels}

How dos he wook Mama I added de Hat ^_^


Will Chu Takes me home and Pway Pwease!!!


Oooo Mama Hims as big as Me @.@



I am wearing:

Body-ND/MD Cuties Sasha Unisex Mesh Avatar (ND/MD)

Hair-{Posh Pixels}-Anastasia (Posh Pixels)

{Posh Pixels} New Releases

Hello all I have to admit when I opened this package with the Easy Rider boots I was a little Nostalgic.I live in South Carolina and for I know the past 3 weeks the mountains near us in North Carolina have been burning.The Blue Ridge Parkway is where several members of my Family (Aunts & Uncles) would ride their Harley Cycles.So in honor of them and in hopes the mountains will stop burning soon I present to you My Easy Rider.I hope you like it.

Isn’t this just the perfect day and location to ride on ?Such Beautiful Fall colors and the wind in your hair…..

These Wonderful New items from {Posh Pixels} just are so perfect!

Addy Dress and Easy Rider Boots are part of the Marvelous Events ROUND 014 November 1 – November 25

Addy Dress Set Includes:
Belleza,SLink Hourglass,Slink Physique,Maitreya,XS-XL Mesh

Easy Rider Boots Rare includes:
Short and Tall Boots in 11 colors(Includes Alpha & Shape)

The Nivea Hair is a New release at the {Posh Pixels} Mainstore

Nevea Hair is a rigged hair and has 4 color huds Darks,Gingers,Lights and Wild Ombre


I am wearing:

Body: Maitreya Lara Mesh Body (Maitreya)

Head: Lelutka Lotte Mesh Head (Lelutka)

Dress:{Posh Pixels}-Addy_Green (Marvelous Event)

Hair:{Posh Pixels}-Nevea (Posh Pixels)

Skin:Lumae::Eirtae-T4-Fawn//Cheri (Lumae)

Boots:{Posh Pixels}Noir-Easy Rider Boots-Tall (Marvelous Event)