Goddess of the Sea

At Night She ascends from her watery home to Bless the Mortals…….

I am wearing :

Maitreya Mesh Body (Maitreya)

Catwa Mesh Head Gwen (Catwa)

Lumae Eirtae Nutmeg Showgirl (Lumae)(Genre Burlesque)

Slink High Feet (Slink)

Belle Epoque Blue Rare Set (Fantasy Gacha Carnival August Round)

Olive Snow Queen Hair RARE (Olive)

Cole’s Corner Glamour Glitter Orbs(Spring Garden)
Cole’s Corner Summer Solstice-(Rainbow) (*CC*)

Goddess of the Sea 3

The Goddess Returns


Author: arwennsenchantedeverchangingworld

Hello all My Name is Christie Bryant.I am known on Second Life as Arwennevenstarundomiel or Arwenn for short.I am completely new at the whole blogging scene but I have so many pretties I just HAVE to show lol. I normally wear the Maitreya Lara body but I have 6 different small mesh avatars(Yabusaka,Pixies,ND/MD Little Dolly,ND/MD Little Me,ND/MD Cuties,ND/MD Little Man,ND/MD Nano Girl) Toodleedoo Baby,Kemono,Belleza,Slink,The Mesh Project,Imagine Mesh heads I have : Logo Sadie Catwa Gwen Lelutka Lotte If you like my blogging style please email me I would love to blog your work!

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